Deepen Your Understanding of Palliative Care

What does end-of-life mean? When does the process of dying begin? What distinguishes palliative care from other types of care, and what principles can we apply to the care of those who are dying? This important webinar will help you deepen your understanding of what it means to provide high-quality, meaningful palliative care to your residents, offering a thoughtful and structured approach to evaluating and reorienting your services.
  • Learn About a Palliative Approach to Care

    Expand your vocabulary for talking about palliative care and gain a better understanding of the benefits of a palliative approach to care for your residents, their families, and your staff.

  • Understand the Principles of Palliative Care

    Explore key principles in palliative care including the concepts of life-affirming, person-centred care and the consideration of both the person and the family as the unit of care — and much more.

  • Recognize and Overcome Barriers to Better Care

    Learn to recognize the barriers to integrating a palliative approach to care in your home, and get a robust toolkit with ideas, systems and strategies to help your home begin its own paradigm shift.

Course Curriculum

This course was originally delivered as a live webinar in June 2022 and contains an estimated one hour of education.

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    • But We Already Do Palliative Care: The Paradigm Shift to Integrating a Palliative Approach


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This webinar is part of the two-part webinar series

Palliative Care and Advanced Planning

But We Already Do Palliative Care: The Paradigm Shift to Integrating a Palliative Approach

Palliative Approach in LTC: Practical Implementation Strategies


Kath Murray

CEO, Life and Death Matters

A hospice palliative care nurse and thanatologist, Kath is passionate about improving care of the dying person and their family through education, resources and courses.