Financial Management Training for Ontario LTC Leaders

From funding envelopes and budget presentations to staffing reports and the case mix index, this course covers a broad array of critical topics for LTC leaders.
Financial Management Training for Ontario LTC Leaders


  • Get Comprehensive Training

    This nine-hour course offers a comprehensive introduction to LTC funding and reporting basics along with critical updates that will impact your work in 2022 and beyond.

  • Learn from Ministry Officials

    Learn about funding and reporting requirements from seniors leaders at the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care, as well as AdvantAge Ontario member home representatives and sector experts.

  • On Your Own Schedule

    The course is delivered online and on-demand, which means you can start whenever you choose and progress through the training at your own pace.

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Funding Envelopes

    • Staffing Report and Four Hours of Care Funding

    • Resident Co-Payment and Rate Reduction Program

    • Reporting Your Budget to the Board

    • Panel Discussion: LTC Funding and Budgeting

  2. 2
    • Annual Reporting and Reimbursing Bad Debt Policy

    • Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards (OHRS) and Management Information System (MIS) Standards

    • LTC Home ARR, Staffing, Occupancy Report and Bad Debt Management

  3. 3
    • Understanding Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Data

    • Case Mix Index Overview

    • Managing RAI Data and Estimating Your CMI for Budgeting


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Rita Yip

Business Advisor, Health Data Branch, Capacity Planning and Analytics Division, Ministry of Health

Rita Yip is a Business Advisor in the Health Data Branch, Capacity Planning and Analytics Division, Ministry of Health.  She leads the enhancement of the Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards (OHRS) related to Long Term Care Homes and data collection for other healthcare sectors.  The OHRS provides a framework to collect financial and statistical data based on provincial information needs.  Rita is a Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Business Continuity Professional, and has over 10 years of experience working with various health datasets and data standards.

Erin Schenk

Team Lead, Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care

Erin Schenk is a Team Lead in the Quality and Innovation Unit of the Strategic Initiatives Branch at the Ministry of Long-Term Care, where she leads key staffing initiatives. Prior to joining MLTC, Erin worked in various positions at other ministries starting in 2006.

Abonti Mukherjee

Policy Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care

Abonti Mukherjee joined the Funding and Programs Branch at the Ministry of Long-Term Care in 2021. Since then, she has worked closely on the LTC Rate Reduction Program which helps subsidize the cost of long-term care for low-income seniors, as well as other initiatives to support long-term care residents.

Lily Chen

VP Finance, IT and CFO, St. Joseph's

Lily Chen is the integrated VP, Finance and IT with St Joseph’s Health Center Guelph and St Joseph’s Life care Brantford. She provides the overall strategic vision and leads initiatives that optimize corporate performance by connecting services across the system, while ensuring that teams provide a highly customer-oriented approach to all key stakeholders.

Brent Martin

Chief Financial Officer, Fairview Parkwood Communities

Brent has almost 30 years of experience in the sector and has worked in several not-for-profit organizations as both Executive Director and Senior Financial Manager. Throughout his career, Brent has worked with Long-Term Care, Retirement Homes, Independent Living Accommodation, Life Lease, Affordable Housing, Seniors Active Living Centres, Adult Day Programs, and Community Support Services. He has had primary responsibility for budgeting, financial reporting and treasury functions in each of his roles.

Jennie Bingley

Senior Financial Analyst, Lanark County

Jennie Bingley is a Chartered Professional Account who has worked in municipal government for 25+ years.  She has worked primarily in finance roles and was also the Director of a municipal long-term care home for three years. 

Yoseph Asfaw

Acting Business Advisor Data Standards Unit, Health Data Branch at the Ministry of Health

Yoseph provides support to ensure long-term care homes understand the Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards (OHRS) requirements for the Trial Balance data submission.  With over 16 years of experience working on long term care data collection and reporting, project management and data standards, he was recently assigned to supporting priority COVID-19 related data collection projects where he has been instrumental in working with stakeholders on data definitions/standards to support Ontario data requirements. 

Saul Melamed

Manager, Client Affairs Ontario, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Saul Melamed has been on a self-guided tour of Ontario’s healthcare system for about 20 years.  He’s enjoyed working with hospitals, the Ministry of Health, the LHINs, Cancer Care Ontario, children’s mental health providers and now CIHI.  In his current role he’s responsible for CIHI’s Stakeholder Management in the Ontario context.  He can connect you with the relevant CIHI experts and resources to address your health information needs.

Lezlee Cribb

Manager, Specialized Care Branch, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Lezlee Cribb has been working at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) for more than 15 years. She is currently the Stakeholder Engagement manager with the Specialized Care branch that focuses on long-term care, home care and mental health data. Prior to joining CIHI, Lezlee worked as an occupational therapist, and she completed an MBA. Lezlee also has experience working on Ontario Ministry of Health projects involving community mental health, community support services and the Integrated Assessment Record (IAR).

Harshani Dabere

Senior Analyst, Client Affairs Ontario, Canadian Institute for Health Information

Harshani Dabere is a senior analyst at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), with broad knowledge of CIHI’s databases and tools, gained through six years of experience with the organization. In her current role, she engages with Ontario stakeholders to understand their health data needs and supports them make the best use of CIHI information to address their priorities.

Margaret Mao

A/Manager, Health Sector Models Branch, Hospitals and Capital Division, Ministry of Health

Margaret has been working for the Ministry over 15 years and has gained comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in funding models, costing methodologies, and financial, statistical and clinical reporting standards. In recent years, she has been leading the team to develop and enhance various evidence-based funding models and analytical products for both hospital and community sectors to support the government priorities. She holds an MBA in Health Services Management from McMaster University.

Ying Liu

Senior Methodologist, Health Sectors Models Branch, Hospitals and Capital Division, Ministry of Health

As a technical lead in the LTC Case Mix (CMI) portfolio, Ying successfully optimized the process of LTC CMI updates and created various tools to track the changes in CMI and funding impacts. In addition, she has applied data mining and SAS (Statistical Analysis System) skills in various program policy development, implementation and evaluation, and funding structure review. She holds a Master of Applied Science in Management Sciences from University of Waterloo.

Melissa Norman

Manager, Quality Improvement and RAI, The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre

Melissa Norman is currently the Manager, Quality Improvement and RAI at the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre, a 450-bed long term care home in Ottawa. She provides leadership in the areas of quality improvement, enterprise risk management, RAI-MDS, accreditation, organizational performance and business planning. Melissa holds a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa, is LEAN green belt certified, RAI certified and has completed the IDEAS Advanced Training Program in Quality Improvement sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Sudha Krishnan

Senior Methodologist, Health Sectors Models Branch, Hospitals and Capital Division, Ministry of Health

Sudha is a Senior Methodologist working in Health Sector Models Branch in Ministry of Health. She has over 10 years of knowledge of and solid experience in LTCH & homecare sectors.

Kelly Mireault

Divisional Controller, Health & Emergency Services, County of Simcoe, Corporate Performance Division

Kelly has worked with the County of Simcoe for six years as part of the Health & Emergency Services Finance team, recently taking on the title of Divisional Controller. She is a CPA, CA and has worked as a regulator for public companies and starting at an audit firm. The County of Simcoe operates four long-term care homes along with other housing models for seniors. Kelly has prepared, and is now responsible for, the financial filings required by the Ministry of Long-Term Care for the homes.

Richard G. Lee

Business and Fiscal Planning Advisor, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care

Richard Lee is a Business and Fiscal Planning Advisor with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care. He is a CPA CMA and has over 10 years of experience administering funding to the long-term care home sector. Richard organizes the development and implementation of  the Subsidy Calculation Worksheet, Annual Reconciliation Report and Overall Reconciliation in accordance with new, discontinued and revised long-term care home financial policies. He is contacted regularly by the sector for guidance on the ministry’s long-term care home financial regulations, polices and processes.

Mark Schroter

Team Lead, Financial Policies and Procedures Unit, Funding and Programs Branch, MLTC

Mark is the team lead of the Financial Policies and Procedures Unit in the Funding and Programs Branch at MLTC.  He has worked in the Ontario Public Service for ten years, with previous roles at Treasury Board Secretariat and the Ministry of Health.


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