Stay Compliant and Up-to-Date

Reporting the right information, at the right time, in the right way, to Ontario oversight bodies is an important regulatory requirement for long-term care homes. Hear directly from representatives of Ontario’s major reporting organizations and learn what is required and expected.
  • Oversight Bodies

    Learn about the different long-term care oversight bodies that Ontario homes are required to report to, including the Ministry of Long-Term Care, the Office of the Chief Coroner, the Geriatric and Long Term Care Review Committee and more.

  • Case Studies

    Examine a series of detailed and challenging case studies to refine your understanding of key reporting principles and potential complications, including complex incident histories, patient directives and family involvement.

  • Pandemic Reporting

    As we head into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, surveillance and immunization-related reporting requirements seem here to stay. Stay up-to-date on the Minister’s Directives related to all pandemic-related reporting requirements.

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome and Introductions

    • Reporting Incidents to the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care

    • Reporting to the Office of the Chief Coroner

    • Reporting to College of Nurses

    • Reporting Requirements for Health Privacy

    • Pandemic Reporting Requirements


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James Yousif

AdvantAge Ontario

Mike Moodie

Director, Long-Term Care Inspections Branch

Elisa Agnelli

Manager, Operational Policy and Response, Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care

Dr. Roger Skinner

Regional Supervising Coroner, Toronto West Regional Office

Jocelyn Loosemore

Manager, Intake, CNO

Natasha Peters

Investigator, Intake, CNO

Kathryn Frelick

Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

Janine Mills

Quality and Privacy Officer, Thrive Group

Brendan Gray

Legal Counsel, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Christine Loureiro

Ministry of Health

Lara Segan

Ministry of Health

“I came back with information that is very relevant to the job I do. It was great to hear some of the issues from homes and learn the best way to handle the issues. I can’t wait to discuss this workshop with my coworkers and staff.”

2021 Participant

“Great workshop, very engaging.”

2021 Participant

“Quite eye-opening for me, I had no idea the amount of reporting that is required. I’m glad that I came!”

2019 Participant