Complaint Management for LTC Leaders

This valuable webinar offers a comprehensive look at how to handle employee concerns in a unionized work environment. From addressing oral complaints and handling written grievances to drafting a last-chance agreement and preparing for arbitration, this excellent webinar offers new and experienced leaders the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage complaints and build better relationships with employees.
  • Common Union and Employer Problems

    From frivolous grievances and chest-thumping to role denials and power struggles, employers and unions both make mistakes when working together. Learn more about common problems and how to address them.

  • Effective Complaint Management

    Learn how to empower your front-line managers to deal effectively with complaints to avoid grievances, find out how to best manage a formal grievance, and explore best practices for arbitration hearings.

  • Last Chance Agreements

    A last-chance agreement is a contract designed to preserve an employment relationship that has been compromised. Learn the key features of an LCA, what to include, and when to leverage this tool in the process.

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Addressing Grievances: The Legal Perspective


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This webinar is part of the four-part webinar series

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Aveneet Jaswal

Associate, Fasken Law

Marc Rodrigue

Associate, Fasken Law