Build a welcoming, safe organizational culture

Discover why diversity and inclusion are important to a healthy organizational culture, and the role these important factors play in creating a welcoming and safe space for your staff. Learn how leaders can work to build positive employee relationships and align individual and organizational values through engagement and collaboration.
  • Why Is Diversity and Inclusion Important

    What exactly is diversity and inclusion, and why is it important in the workplace? Learn to reach past stereotypes and appreciate differences to build strong communities.

  • Characteristics of an Inclusive Workplace

    From respect and flexibility to transparency and consistency, a welcoming and inclusive workplace has a very specific set of characteristics that can be identified, measured and improved.

  • Identifying and Removing Barriers

    Overt abuse of power and discrimination are easy to spot, but bullying, harassment and subtler forms of disrespect can seriously undermine the health of your workplace culture. Learn to identify and address these issues.

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Creating a Culture of Inclusivity


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Amorell Saunders N'Daw

Partner and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, KBRS